At Sara Communications, we believe that marketing collaterals comes into many shapes and sizes and generally come into play after the main creative campaigns were launched and the product is already in the market. It is mainly used as a supporting essential for ongoing sale of the product or services. The market when already is identified and the targeted audience is already aware of the product or service provided by the brand, the collaterals are used to fan the already going on process of marketing.

The recognized collaterals include but not limited to these items such as brochures, banners, stationary, posters and newspaper advertisement also. Sometimes it also includes promotional items such as sample of the product, the wearable with the brand logo wordface. These things help to keep the brand's presence in the customers' minds. The collaterals also include the internally usable information sheets, white papers, promotional goodies etc. At Sara Communications, we offer a complete solution to our clients to match his requirements.

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